Oct 09, 2020

6 Tips to Avoid Overeating At Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again… The time when there are more celebrations that involve a whole lot of food! 

In particular Thanksgiving, you know, the day that you’re expected to eat plate after plate of food. Now, we want to make it clear Thanksgiving is meant to be enjoyed but you shouldn’t make yourself overeat to the point that you feel sick.

We want you to feel good this Thanksgiving and not feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of food. We want you to sit down at the table and feel good.  So if you are looking to spend your Thanksgiving enjoying yourself here are just a few tips for a more mindful meal without holding yourself back or overeating!

Eat Breakfast

We get it. It’s tempting to skip breakfast and maybe even lunch depending on when you eat. You want to save up as much room as possible for the big event but let’s be real… When does that ever work? When you skip a meal, you’re more likely to trigger overeating when you do finally sit down to eat. So treat Thanksgiving as if it is any other day, so if you do Intermittent Fasting stick to your schedule, if you eat breakfast then EAT.

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Use a Smaller Plate

One of the simplest ways to make sure you don’t overeat is one of the oldest tricks in the books, using a smaller plate! Studies have proven over and over again that smaller plates lead to smaller portions. By using a smaller plate, you can try as many dishes as you’d like but once the plate is covered, it’s enough (for now).  Why not treat yourself to a beautiful plate that will fit with the table decor? 

Put the Bread Down and Eat Protein First

Did you know that eating carbohydrates in your first few bites triggers the release of hunger-stimulating hormones? By eating your protein first, you’ll be getting the nutrients you need and filling your stomach with something a bit healthier.  By starting the meal off right it will help you naturally stop before your stomach feels like it’s gonna burst.

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Take Your Time

There is no reason to rush through your plate of delicious food. Take your time but more so, CHEW. Make sure you are really chewing every bite completely and that you’ve swallowed before putting another forkful in. This will help you digest your food better, and give your body a chance to tell you it’s full before it’s too late.

Wait Before Your Second Plate

Give your body time to digest before serving seconds and if you can wait about 15 minutes. If you are still hungry, go fo it. We just want you to listen to your body and not make it feel bloated!

Enjoy Yourself

This is a meal to be relished, not rushed. Mindful eating is enjoying the moment and listening to your body. It’s not just about food though, keep conversations going and ask questions. By talking this will also be a natural way to eat slower and if you want, you can even put your fork down when talking to someone too.

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